Friday, December 30, 2005

Repetition + Procrastination = The 31st

Sometimes I highly dislike computers. They don't understand what you want the first time, so you just have to repeat it over and over and over. I'm not a repetitive girl..if I do repeat I end up throwing a fit (after a few times of repeating). Repetition just deserves to ......ooh wait that's a great idea for my story! Actually that doesn't make much sense.

Anyway, so I'm done ranting about repetition. And now I'm off to: Procrastination. What is procrastination? Well the REAL question is "Who DOESN'T procrastinate?" I've yet to meet a person who has not procrastinated in someway...of course I don't know that many peope. First question: Procrastination is when you take something that NEEDS to be done, and you do it just keep on living your wants. Eventually you get down to the last minute of actually being able to do it..and you stress yourself out.
I've done that this vacation. Our spanish teacher, decided to be "nice" and give us..a five page story to read (in spanish no doubt) Over vacation. No leo español mucho y No comprendo que mucho palabras en español. No escribe en español bueno, dijas que eso. Plus I always forget the 'que's..I have no idea where they are supposed to go, it took me a loong ass time to figure out grammar in ENGLISH. and I'm STILL not good at English grammar! How am I supposed to be good in Spanish grammar?!
Well..I do have tutors, but how does that help? I need to recreate my brain so I have a language cabinent..the one that has a knack for languages, like Aleicia's brain has for instance.

Ahhh....I won't be able to do this five page story over the weekend. Why?? I get to see my friend ALLI!!!!! AHH! After a YEAR, a YEAR of her being in TEXAS..Iget to FINALLY visit her. Not in Texas (my mom would blow a lid) but at her mom's house. Of course, her mom is really ignorant...puts everything that SHE wants first. I mean..the plan was that I would go over on the 27th, 28th..and stay until the first. Then it changed to the 30th...and now because they HAVE to clean, the 31st. I'm getting there at 9 am though.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Blog + Antoine = Blantoine

Here is my friend Antoine's Blog:

Monday, December 26, 2005

Bah humbug.- Entry dedicated to Mimi of Rent.

Bah humbug...Bah humbug. Baah humbug. Mimi, definitely my favorite in the Rent cast...if I could be in a broadway production, my first choice would be Mimi from Rent. She is superb...without her, the whole point of the production would be in total dissaray. You just..couldn't have the musical without fun-loving, attention-seeking, living like it's her last day to live..just beautiful. Argh..I Guess the actress kind of made me like her more..she's such a great actress, and singer...etc. I would love to be Mimi in a broadway production.
Reason why I wouldn't in real life....she has aids, she's a "dancer" (strip club.."catscratch club"). I think I might just put two of the songs she is involved in (one with just her, the other with..Roger). They so happen to be in this exact order.

Out Tonight

What's The Time? Well It's Gotta Be Close To Midnight My Body's Talking To Me It Says, 'Time For Danger' It Says 'I Wanna Commit A Crime Wanna Be The Cause Of A Fight Wanna Put On A Tight Skirt And Flirt With A Stranger'
I've Had A Knack From Way Back At Breaking The Rules Once I Learn The Games Get Up - Life's Too Quick
I Know Someplace Sick Where This Chick'll Dance In The Flames We Don't Need Any Money I Always Get In For Free You Can Get In Too If You Get In With Me Let's Go Out Tonight I Have To Go Out Tonight You Wanna Play? Let's Run Away We Won't Be Back Before It's Christmas Day Take Me Out Tonight (Meow) When I Get A Wink From The Doorman Do You Know How Lucky You'll Be? That You're On Line With The Feline Of Avenue B Let's Go Out Tonight I Have To Go Out Tonight You Wanna Prowl Be My Night Owl? Well Take My Hand We're Gonna Howl Out Tonight In The Evening I've Got To Roam Can't Sleep At In The City Of Neon And Chrome Feels Too Damn Much Like Home When The Spanish Babies Cry So Let's Find A Bar So Dark We Forget Who We Are And All The Scars From The Nevers And Maybes Die Let's Go Out Tonight Have To Go Out Tonight You're Sweet Wanna Hit The Street? Wanna Wail At The Moon Like A Cat In Heat? Just Take Me Out Tonight Please Take Me Out Tonight Don't Forsake Me - Out Tonight I'll Let You Make Me - Out Tonight Tonight - Tonight - Tonight

Light my Candle

ROGER What'd You Forget?
MIMI Got A Light?
ROGER I Know You? -- You're -- You're Shivering
MIMI It's Nothing They Turned Off My Heat And I'm Just A Little Weak On My Feet Would You Light My Candle? What Are You Staring At?
ROGER Nothing Your Hair In The Moonlight You Look Familiar Can You Make It?
MIMI Just Haven't Eaten Much Today At Least The Room Stopped Spinning Anyway, What?
ROGER Nothing Your Smile Reminded Me Of-
MIMI I Always Remind People Of - Who Is She?
ROGER She Died. Her Name Was April
MIMI It's Out Again Sorry About Your Friend Would You Light My Candle? R
OGER Well-
MIMI Yeah. Ow
ROGER Oh, The Wax - It's
MIMI Dripping! I Like It - Between My --
ROGER Finger. I Figured... Oh, Well. Goodnight. (Mimi exits; then knocks again) It Blew Out Again?
MIMI No-I Think That I Dropped My Stash
ROGER I Know I've Seen You Out And About When I Used To Go Out Your Candle's Out
MIMI I'm Illin' - I Had It When I Walked In The Door It Was Pure - Is It On The Floor?
ROGER The Floor?
MIMI They Say I Have The Best Ass Below 14TH Street Is It True?
MIMI You're Staring Again
ROGER On No I Mean You Do--Have A Nice-- I Mean--You Look Familiar
MIMI Like Your Dead Girlfriend?
ROGER Only When You Smile But I'm Sure I've Seen You Somewhere Else--
MIMI Do You Go To The Cat Scratch Club That's Where I Work - I Dance - Help Me Look
ROGER Yes! They Used To Tie You Up-
MIMI It's A Living
ROGER I Didn't Recognize You Without The Handcuffs
MIMI We Could Light The Candle Oh Won't You Light The Candle
ROGER Why Don't You Forget That Stuff You Look Like You're Sixteen
MIMI I'm Nineteen - But I'm Old For My Age I'm Just Born To Be Bad
ROGER I Once Was Born To Be Bad I Used To Shiver Like That
MIMI I Have No Heat - I Told You
ROGER I Used To Sweat
MIMI I Got A Cold
ROGER Uh Huh I Used To Be A Junkie
MIMI But Now And Then I Like To --
ROGER Uh Huh MIMI Feel Good
ROGER Here It -- Um --
MIMI What's That?
ROGER Candy Bar Wrapper
MIMI We Could Light The Candle What'd You Do With My Candle?
ROGER That Was My Last Match
MIMI Our Eyes Will Adjust. Thank God For The Moon
ROGER Maybe It's Not The Moon At All I Hear Spike Lee's Shooting Down The Street
MIMI Bah Humbug ... Bah Humbug
ROGER Cold Hands
MIMI Yours Too Big. Like My Father's You Wanna Dance?
ROGER With You?
MIMI No - With My Father
ROGER I'm Roger
MIMI They Call Me They Call Me Mimi

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Void of Nothing

When there is a day of nothing, all there nothing. Nothing to think, feel, want, need, write. It's all just a pathetic void of nothing. People may think "What is nothing?" "How can you DO nothing?" "Wouldn't you be doing something just by breathing?" Well darlings, this is true....but I tell you, nothing is precieved.

I did do somethign today, typed, wrapped and watched television. I am going to be doing something earlier, sit and talk on the phone. My life is pretty non-existant..I don't go anywhere. I want to go somewhere on Friday, but unfortunately my friends don't seem to tell me if they can or not. It's just...they don't respond. They don't hear, listen, unless I have to yell...or stand in front of their eyesight. Some don't even see.

Don't think I'll be getting anyone something for Christmas this year, as I had planned. Katie hasn't really talked to me about going anywhere...sooo..yeah. Can't really go anywhere else..well possibly by myself. What not. I'll get another piece of wallpaper for my wall.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Dances aren't that Lame.

Alright, I know some people who want to know what happened. Actually..most people who are going to read this don't give a crap, but I"m going to talk about it anyway. Alright here we go.

Friday Aleicia slept over at my house. We stayed up and watched many movies, the longest of which was Pearl Harbor. I almost cried..yet again, but that's besides the point. Next day went got our hair cuts, got a shirt for me to wear and we were all set. Had to drop her off at home so she could get ready, that was alright. Called my mom and she "decided" to was more like a guilt trip from me (which isn't a mother thing to do by the way..but that's cool), I got ready an hour to early. Aleicia came over to drop off her stuff, because of another sleep over which would involve getting up before 8 30 on Sunday morning order to let Aleicia out. (I know the dog reference!) Let's go a little bit more in the past now.
Got to the dance..I had to pay Aleicia and my ticket in, because she didn't want to go to the dance with Nate in the first place..but then he wasn't even there. I walked in a tunnel, felt like a princess with a big yellow jacket. Walked over to take my jacket off..saw Katie and Charlie. My god Katie looked GORGEOUS! Charlie looked they were just sooo cute together. Glad they're going out. Apparently I'm a leader because Charlie asked me to find a place, he's a I had to find a place where we weren't bombarded by non-dancers. Everyone was surrounding the entrance, it was awful. Found a place..comfortable. Yup.
Ended up going in this corner near the punch table the percentage of the time. People had dates: Aleicia with Nate (not going out), Megan with Michael (going out), Katie with Charlie (going out), Davis with this chick who is now going out with Nate, Evan and Suzy (Going out), uhh...and these random couples. Troy and I were the only two of our close enough friends not having dates. Troy didn't want to dance with just me, probably because of the ugliness radiating off my laughter. (Haha...I was so hyper).

Going further along. I danced for a full hour and a half to two hours, until Nate decided to grab Aleicia's hips and make her dance backwards with him (he had a boner). So..I was all alone. Troy had gone off tryingto find a person to dance with ,or talk to ..whatever. It was soo cute though..all those people. Ended up dancing, didn't feel like jumping up on the stage and on the 10 minute slow song..went over to where the door was wide open. ( was wearing no sleeves so was pretty cold), and froze myself. Thought about stuff.

Realization: Do not go to dances unless you have a friend who is going alone with you, and try as hard as you can to get a date. Otherwise the awkwardness will consume you, and you'll end up freezing yourself in a corner.

The brown eyes I have ended up staring at random I leaned on the wall with the pose of a model. Stared at the ceiling, leaned over my knees staring at the floor..whatever I could do that was comfortable. Thought about the song playing..and about the major guys in my life who live so far away. My friend Sam started complaining about life..and how she hated my other friend Kelly (who people seem to hate for some reason) had stolen this guy named Alan (who Sam had sex with). Kelly and Alan had always liked each whatever. Didn't even notice I was standing myself. least some guys looked at me *shrugs*. Aleicia ended up getting her toes jumped on. I ended up falling on my butt because I slipped...ahh that was fun! Completely forgot about that.

Another lesson about this day: If you are wearing tights, do not try to grab your friend and bring them somewhere..or push your friend at someone. You WILL slip and fall..and then have a blast doing it.

Recommendation of the Greatest

A blog is to show the world your thoughts. To figure out the life of which you seem to be living. To actually keep it, so when you get older you will have a place to go to for memories. A blog is not a place to just..vent out your feelings right? What is the point in that? Unless of course your venting results into an action that came across your life. Possibly a break up you always wanted to remember? Or possibly, just something strange.
But then again..blogs should be fun. Not just for the person writing them, but for the reader. They're made for the readers right? Great start off for a blog. I should give my self extra points, shouldn't I?

Alright, today was interesting. For me anwyay. The morning was the freaking point of my day, oh and also the debate ended up being awful...stupid me and not saying anything, just incase I make a mistake. That's irrelevant to the freaking point though. Ahh...I gave my secret person her present. I thought it was more her, but of course my mom who bought it for me ..gave me the heebie-jeebies. Told me that it was offensive ro something, a frog offensive to a girl!But yeah...been a little disturbed with the yelling frantics of my mouths voice from last night.
Anway, she loved it. She used the mirror for something, instead of the regular...base point of the porcelain frog. Katie gave me a mix cd, it's amazing! None of the songs I have..well I will have a few of them, but most of them I don't..actually only one of them I will for christmas.

The songs are in this order:
1. Change your Mind - All American Rejects
2. Poetic Tragedy - The Used
3. Another Day- Mimi + Mark (should be Roger) Rent.
4. Be yourself - Audioslave
5. Who's David? - Busted
6. Breathe - Anna Nalick
7. Dirty Little Secret - All American Rejects
8. Thank You - Chornic Future
9. A Decade Under the Influence - Taking Back Sunday
10. Just a little Girl - Amy Studt
11. Kick Some Ass - Stroke 9
12. Sorry seems to be the Hardest Word - Blue fx.(?) Elton John
13. Somthing Vague- Bright Eyes
14. Three Evils Embodied in Love and Shadow - Coheed and Cambria
15. Without you - Rent
16. Flying Without Wings - Westlife
17. You - Amy Lee

More than half of those songs, she didn't know there was going to be approval with my ears. Of course she knows me well enough, that her assumptions were pretty accurate.

Notice that two of the songs come from a certain thing called Rent, this is not a band name. This is a musical. And it has just recently ( about a month ago ) been added to the theaters near you, and not so near. I recommend this movie, highly recommend it. I mean...I would demand you to watch it, if I was a dictator type person. It's so great that I would risk going to jail by putting a knife to your throat and shoving you in the Move Theater.