Thursday, June 29, 2006

Letting things go.

Many people tell me to let things go. Not allow them to take the best of me. Let the past be the past and the present be the present, not allow the little things from my past to change my feelings of the future. My feelings of the present.
I've heard it so many times in my life, that I believed they were true. It was a fact that I had to let things go. I couldn't think about them..I couldn't, as others say, obsess over these little things. It would eventually take me over and make me not be myself.

Yet does anyone seem to realize that maybe that is me? Maybe that is the way I do things? I look at these problems I face, more than most would? Isn't that a me? I wonder what it would be like if I could let things go. Some things I have to...but life would be awful if I let them go. If I didn't allow them to stay inside me, made it so I was cautious. So they couldn't do those things to me again. My life has never been that big of a deal, but if I allow those things to escape me. Allow them to just float in mid-air, then I will allow myself to leave my body.
People say "just let them go" instead of taking care of the problem. I say take care of the problem. Allow the thing to fade by taking care of this problem, if you just let it's going to come back again ten times worse. You're going to get your heart broken into a million pieces, because you didn't stay cautious. Because you didn't put that one little thing into your mind, you let it go.

Of course, people who do not let things go. They seem to annoy the people who believe that's the best way of living, who live that way. Of course, many deal with these problems by letting them go and it works. I'm not one of them. I have to understand the problem before it can fade, I have to allow it to fade from me. It won't be just a snap of the fingers and everything is alright.

Don't believe everyone benefits from letting things go automatically. Don't force me to let things go, even if they are little. Don't guilt me into beliving I'm wrong in how I feel.


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