Thursday, April 20, 2006

Vacations ...not the greatest entertainment. I feel like giving you some of my ever inconveniently placed thoughts. I just have to find them..hmm....Friends, acquantances, people who feel like reading my words. Hi. I am Kasey the mighty ol' one who isn't that old. The girl who lives in a land of trees and a self-sufficient amount of cows. (I think..haven't really talked with them). I am a girl who's house is haunted by ghosts and who's town is more than 200 years old. Do you know me yet?

Alright so today (counting the early morning from 12 am - now) I mostly read Gone with the Wind. I stayed up, until possibly four o'clock. Actually 4:10 to be exact. Just to read the boring novel that is extremely interesting. How that can be? I do not know, nor will I ever come to that conclusion. I already know what's going to happen in the end yet I still want to read of that Rhett Butler. He is a most interesting character, one of the more interesting I have read in my entire life (and believe me..I've read multiple characters in my lifetime). The scene is set in the south, during the Civil War. It broadens my mind with the Civil War, which is good because my mind was pretty closed when it came to that huge war. I even had a friend with a friend from the South about it. That's very sad.
The rest of the day (until now) I've been listening to Sevendust, or trying to download their songs at least. And right now I'm waiting for someone to notice my existance. No one has done so yet, and I'm deeply scared they will not before the event takes place. I will not tell you what the event is. That is for you to wonder of and scratch your brains wanting to know. Isn't it?

A splendid thing happened today. I don't recall what it was though.


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Aww my brain itches

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