Friday, May 12, 2006

The post prior to this....erk.

I shouldn't be thinking those things.....those are things I do not need to think about, and the only reason I even do because I don't want tobe cocky. I don't want to KNOW and then be shot down, like I have been all my life.

If I worry...if I ask, then I won't be soo cocky, so overly confident of it..that I'll get hurt. I trust it..ooh I trust it. And I believE I make myself worry about it, in order to believe i'm not overly confident about it.

It hurts doing that..but it would hurt more if feelings changed. Which they haven't for some time, so I find it stupid that I'm even asking..I'm even wondering. Argh....

I need to get my thinking straight.


Blogger IceDrgn4 said...

Let me say I have enjoyed reading your sparactic thoughts to night. Especially that I did so in an elaboret manner that actually corresponds with the way you write and the topics of your blogs. And also all that worrying is gonna give you grey hair and wrinkles, you got the rest of your life to worry, live these carefree days in a carefree manner

9:23 PM  

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