Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Theory, yet not a definition, about love

Love is like a pyramid. There are many stages to create it, and then there are many stages to get to the top. The support is family love, and that is the family you've always had. When that love feels it cannot support you...the friendships lead into the family. That's why you feel your friends are your sisters and brothers etc. Then there is friendship love...and unrequited love..and there are so many stages to it. And then there's that top...that top near the sy. The one you can only get to on your own. That true love that can only be described with your emotions, your one else can describe it. That loves is the eternal love, and when you feel feel euphoria at least once in your life just by hearing them sleep. Yet, sometimes you can be misguided because you think you're at the very top..and then it turns out you're only half way up, or 3/4 of the way up..there is no way of knowing whether that love will stay forever except for time.As the egyptians had no way of knowing if the pyramids would stay intact..except by time.


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