Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Slicing the bread

Ignorance, not allowing words to make sensible ideas in their mind. Stupidity clouding the brain, what's so great about the celebrities babies and how they act. Once anger builds up inside of you....it can't get out. If it does...the circumstances will be tremendous. All you can think about is that one person talking to you, not allowing you space. Whilst another is giving you too much..for you to handle. Noise interrupts your flow of words, makes you want to scream and strangle the person beside you. But who is that? The one who had birthed you, went through the pain of your head stretching her as you came out. The only reason you are here in the first place...the noise makes you want to strangle, hurt, just go insane.

Hatred for the person who got offline..with no response, no reason..but that of another. The one who is in turmoil and just acting like the hero. The gullotine sounds good now, or maybe you can be the executioner..that's all you want to be. Let me be alone..let me be alone. Why must everyone stay in this pit, this house. Why must they stay locked to the couch, to a magazine. When you just want to scream at the one you love, just want to be away from it all.

Life...pfft. What is it? It's the place where you fit perfectly with others, the place with no space...that's it. That's all it is. Treating you like your words mean nothing, nothing changes..still the same ol' depression. Not recognizing the hurt that it brings...what I do, is apparently not enough. Can't have the same interaction..the same understanding, the same..anything.

I'm me, the positive one, the one without problems. And if I cry, it's irrelevant, it's the stupid thing of my life. Can't get anything when I need it, get somethings when I want it, get everything when I don't. When I'm just being the spoiled creature that my family created of me....asking for things I don't truly want in the first place. Not getting what I need, not knowing what I need. Yet...once I do..nothing. Nothing. No response.