Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Barely can you read my font, barely can you understand my words. Barely can you....I don't really know. I'm scared, that's all I can think of saying. i'm scared.

Scared that the good thing in my life, is going to leave. Scared that he feels as if I've left. i'm scared that it won't turn out in any way....i'm scared that if I keep things good up here, nothing will happen between us.

I have nothing else to say. My body is aching right now, as well as my head.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Writing....Pen or Keyboard?

There isn't any expectation..as to the people reading my blog. I would expect a rare amount to feel comfortable reading the words I wish to type. And...I must be honest, I dont' think there are many who find my words interesting and compelling to the imaginative mind. The reasoning for my typing out in this blog is because of the fact that I like typing. A big part of me feels....accomplished whilst my fingers are storming over the keyboard.
Writing a story or a poem with a stencil, does not feel the same..it doesn't feel as if you're getting all of the words you mean to. You can't...fully explain with every word..you skip over multiple because of your inability to pay attention. Typing on the other hand....is completely different. You have to type every single word, or you feel strange...if you miss a word your hands will tell you. Just the same as when you create a typo or just a mistake. You must delete.

On the other hand, writing a letter...is far too impersonal to type over the computer. Yes, e-mail is a form of letter...but it's just not the same as a regular letter. When you write a letter to a friend, family member of someone extremely close to you...your souls is put into the words. Your heart, your spirit, not just your mind. On another note in letter writing ("snail mail") when you barely know the person...I believe it's easier for you to type it out, instead of write it...when you write to someone you barely know, you feel as if you're exposing yourself. (or I do anyway) and can't fully explain what you want to, you're more....guarded.

I felt the need to type up something on this here blog of mine..so I did. I hope you aren't too critical of my grammar and typing scheme. I'm doing a rather poor job.